Qb was founded when we identified a gap in the market for portable speakers and a rapid change in the way we listen to our music at home and on the move. A decade on from the iPod instead of static hifi installations we’ve got digital music collections on our computers, smartphones and tablets… but still no easy portable way to enjoy those tunes anywhere. But that’s about to change. We believe we’re on the cusp of another audio revolution: portable hifi for all our devices providing wireless music without the need for a network, without the need to compress sound quality, without the need for ugly wireless adapters and without the need for battery-draining power demands. Qb was founded to revolutionise the portable audio market and bring hifi sound to your portable devices via USB or wireless connectivity.

We aren’t just music enthusiasts, we’re electronics experts too and more importantly we’re innovators; we’re bringing you the newest tech, used only in top-end hifi systems, and using it to make small, portable speakers that don’t compromise on sound or power.

Our Qsb speakers were the first to produce 30W of sound from the USB port of your computer and better still they don’t drain your computer’s battery. This achievement has only been possible because of our background in audio and electronics combined with our advanced knowledge of the industry developments. Tech Made Easy said “[Qsb] simply blow every other set of portable speakers that we’ve used out of the water, both in terms of performance and style”. The Mito, our Bluetooth battery-powered speaker, utilises all our low-power knowhow from the Qsb and as a result has an astonishing 30 hour battery life (you read it right) in a tiny 9cm cube. And with a 25W output we’ve created another revolutionary portable speaker.

We’re not just another portable speaker company; we’re leading the field; we’re innovating; and we’re creating speakers that no one else can compete in this price range.